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July 01, 2015

First aid kit checklist

Whether you’re at home, at the cottage, on a camping trip or travelling, you always need to have a first aid kit handy. Are you well prepared to treat a minor injury  or common ailment? Here is a checklist to help you take stock of your kit and add any items that may be missing.  

Basic supplies

To be ready to face any number of situations requiring first aid, you need a first aid kit that contains the following supplies:


□ Medication for fever and pain (acetaminophen or ibuprofen)

□ Medication for allergic reactions and hives 

□ Medication for nausea and motion sickness 

□ Oral rehydration formula and medication for diarrhea 

□ Hydrocortisone cream (0.5%)  to treat minor skin irritations 

□ Antibiotic cream or ointment

□ Prescription medications for specific health conditions, for example: 

    □ Asthma inhaler 

□ EpiPenTM (for severe allergic reactions)

□ Glucose tablets for diabetics taking insulin 

□ Other

Antiseptics and disinfectants

□ Antiseptic

□ Alcohol wipes

Gauze and bandages

□ Bandages in assorted sizes

□ Surgical adhesive tape

□ Sterile pads

□ Gauze bandage rolls and pressure bandage

□ Elastic bandage

□ Wound closures


□ Mild soap

□ Sterile gloves

□ Cotton swabs

□ Instant cold pack

□ Scissors 

□ Sterile saline solution

□ Oral/rectal thermometer 

□ Diaper pins 

□ Regular or splinter tweezers

□ Resuscitation mask (CPR)

□ Paper and pencil    

And don’t forget…

Depending on where you are (e.g. hiking, camping or travelling), you also want to include the following items:

Sunscreen  (SPF 30 or more)  

□ Anesthetic lotion for sunburns

Mosquito repellent   

□ Products for insect stings and rashes 

□ Hand sanitizer 

□ Waterproof matches 

□ Blanket

□ Water purification tablets

The further away you are from home or the longer you plan on being gone, the better stocked your first aid kit should be. You also want to check it from time to time to make sure the medications it contains are not expired. 

Keep in mind that pharmaceutical products should never be discarded down the toilet, in the sink or in the garbage, since they can contaminate the water supply and soil. Expired medications should always be returned to the pharmacy  for safe disposal.

Finally, no first aid kit  is really complete without a first aid manual and a list of emergency phone numbers:

  • Family pharmacist
  • Family doctor
  • Info-Santé: 811 (health information line)
  • Poison control centre: 1 800 463-5060
  • Neighbourhood police station
  • Emergency : 911

Pharmacy services

If you need help checking the contents of your first aid kit, talk to your family pharmacist

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