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Pharmacist Tip

To get the most out of a treatment plan, it’s important to take it as prescribed. However, you may sometimes run into some problems or have questions. In such cases, you can count on your pharmacist to find solutions for you!

How to clean your medicine cabinet in 5 easy steps

Learn the safest way to clean your medicine cabinet and see how you can get rid of expired or unused medicine safely for you and the environment.

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Services in your pharmacy
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Your pharmacist can help you through the whole process until the baby arrives. They will answer your questions related to medication and vitamins, as well as help you relieve pregnancy-related symptoms.

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When you need protection against the Flu, common diseases (Shingles, HPV or Tetanus) or tropical diseases if you are a traveler, turn to your pharmacist for information and expertise.

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To make medication taking easier and help you obtain the best results possible, you can customize your medication according to your personal preferences. See how your pharmacist can personalize your treatment to adapt it to your needs and lifestyle.

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