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Flu Vaccination

The flu is a serious condition
You can usually expect to recover from your cold after a week, but a flu lasts for approximately 10 days. Because flu symptoms and related complications are more serious, it is important to protect yourself.

Why get a flu shot?

  1. The Flu is much more serious than the common cold and can lead to health complications.

  2. The Flu virus changes every year and so does the vaccine. For the best protection, you should get vaccinated every year.

  3. Not everyone is well equipped to overcome the flu. Avoid spreading the Flu to your loved ones with a flu shot.

  4. It’s easy! Just visit your local pharmacy.

Who is most at risk?

Everyone can get the flu, including healthy adults.

However, some people are at higher risk of flu related complications:

  • People over 65+ years old and children under 5 years old
  • Pregnant women
  • Residents of long-time care facilities
  • People with chronic diseases such as diabetes
  • Immunocompromised persons

Where can you get vaccinated?

Many pharmacies also offer vaccination and traveal health services. Your pharmacist can even administer some vaccines - ask them whether these services are available at your pharmacy.
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