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The Option+ Offer

Quality products at lower prices for over 30 years

All our health, wellness and beauty products are of equal or better quality than the national brand, at a better price. Always more, for less. 

The Option+ brand offers a wide selection of over 1,500 products to meet the needs of the whole family.



Baffled by all the over-the-counter products available to treat allergies?
Here is some information to choose the right product for your needs.

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Discover our vast selection of products: health, beauty, hygiene and household products… Option+ has something for all life events.

Discover our products

More for less. Pay for the content and nothing more!

Quality Guaranteed

Option+ guarantees the quality of its products to the highest standards.


Sold across Canada, Option+ has been a well-known and
recognized brand for 30 years.


Our products are all manufactured with Health Canada-certified high-quality ingredients. That is why our products are of equal or superior quality than national brands.


Environmental Awareness

Whenever possible, we try to reduce our environmental impact when it comes to the selection of the Option+ products’ ingredients and packaging.