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Pharmacist's Tip

With the ever-expanding array of sunscreens available today, it is difficult to know which one to choose. SPF, filters, textures, formats, UVA protection – your pharmacist can help you choose the best product for your skin and your needs.

Choosing the best sunscreen

Choosing the right sunscreen may not be as easy as one thinks. UVA, UVB, SPF, photostabilty and water resistant: these are just some of the terms you’re likely to encounter. Let’s try to clear things up!

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If you don’t know which sunscreen meets your needs best in terms of lifestyle and skin type, don’t be shy to ask your pharmacist!

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Questions on mosquito repellent, sunscreens or rehydration solutions? Your pharmacist can help you pick the best products for your personalized summer kit.

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If you are allergic to certain components of your medication, your pharmacist can find allergy-free formulations as a substitution.

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