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Pharmacist Tip

Vitamins and natural products can sometimes have effects on your medication. If you are considering taking some, talk to your pharmacist first. He or she is the best person to mitigate the potential effects of those products on your medication.
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Folic Acid and Pregnancy

Folic acid (also called folate and vitamin B9) is widely recognized for its vital role in preventing neural tube defects in newborns. But did you know that it provides other health benefits as well?

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Services in your pharmacy
Therapy Adjustment

Weight Management

If you’re thinking about losing weight, your pharmacist can shed a light on helpful natural health products and make sure your medication doesn’t make you gain weight as a side effect.
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If you are allergic to certain components of your medication or don't like the taste, your pharmacist can find allergy-free formulations as a substitution or add flavour to improve its taste. 
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Medication Review

Sit down with your pharmacist for a medication review to determine if any harmful effects or interactions are caused by combining your medication together, if one of your medication can be removed from your therapy and if there is cheaper medication available

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