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Uniprix Mobile Application

Simple, fast, efficient for regular medication renewals.

From your created account, renew an existing prescription or take a picture of a new one to send to your pharmacist. You can choose the date of pick-up or delivery. The mobile app is not linked to your pharmacy record or history.

Get started today by downloading the mobile application.

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Growth Charts

Little girl in hero costume in front of ruler | fille costumée en avant d'une règle

One of the ways health professionals evaluate a child’s health is to check whether he is growing normally. They do so by consulting a growth chart.

BMI Calculator

person stepping on scale | personne sur une balance

BMI is a simple correlation between weight and height. Once calculated, it can help to assess the risk of developing various diseases over time.

Medications Lexicon

Pharmacist showing medication | Pharmacienne qui montre des médicaments

Discover useful information about medication including common uses, how to use, possible side effects, storage information, and general information.