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March 31, 2017

Fight the Effects of Stress with Exercise

Whether at home or at work, we’re all exposed to various stressors, big and small, that are often beyond our control. But don’t panic—there are plenty of quick and easy ways to reduce the effects of stress: meditation, breathing, visualization, and exercise! Find out how daily physical activity and cardio can benefit your physical and mental health.

Have you heard of the wellness hormone?

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in your brain that controls your mood and keeps you awake. It’s basically a wellness or happiness hormone! How does it work? Your brain secretes serotonin when you use your muscles, giving you a boost of energy and vitality for up to several hours. Playing sports regularly is a good way to boost your serotonin levels naturally.

How to increase your serotonin levels

This quick, simple, and effective cardio routine stimulates serotonin production and reduces the negative effects of stress in just a few minutes. You work your whole body in just three exercises, activating your cardio and working your muscular endurance.

Our quick anti-stress cardio workout

Length: About 10 minutes

You’ll need a solid and stable exercise step less than 30 cm high, comfortable clothes, and something you can use as a light weight (like a 1L or 2L water bottle!).

First exercise: The Caterpillar

Start in a standing position, bend at the waist, and move into a plank position. Walk your feet forward again with your knees bent to get back up.

Do this for 60 seconds. Repeat three times. Take short breaks, as needed.

  • Muscles used: All muscles, including quads, chest, shoulders, and abs.

Second exercise: The Step-up

Climb onto the step, alternating between legs. Push up with your foot while keeping your back straight.

Do this for 60 seconds. Repeat three times. Take short breaks, as needed.

  • Muscles used: Quads and glutes.

Third exercise: The Woodchopper

Extend your arms and do a semi-circle motion in front of you from your left or right hip to the opposite top corner.

Do this for 60 seconds. Repeat three times. Take short breaks, as needed.

  • Muscles used: All muscles, including legs, abs, and arms

This workout will give you the energy you need to deal with daily stress!

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