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April 15, 2014

What dermo-cosmetics can do for your skin

“Dermo what?” you ask. The field of dermo-cosmetics is a branch of science that combines cosmetology and dermatology. Simply put, it refers to specialized skin care products produced in consultation with dermatologists to improve the appearance of skin and treat various skin issues. Formulated for local application, dermo-cosmetics are made to preserve the health and beauty of skin, including the scalp and hair. 

Dermo-cosmetics differ from regular skin care products because they work deeply into the dermis , the second layer of the epidermis. Since the molecules in dermo-cosmetic products are finer, they are better able to penetrate skin cells

But knowing how to take appropriate care of your skin means understanding it well first. That’s where the Uniprix dermo-cosmetic centres come in! They make available a special device known as a “Dermo-Analyzer,” designed to diagnose the condition of your skin. The analysis is quick, simple and performed by a specially trained dermo-cosmetic consultant.

The Dermo-Analyzer is equipped with a video-microscope that increases magnification of skin tissues thirtyfold, so that the top and inner layers of the epidermis can be examined. In doing so, it helps to detect:
• the presence or absence of sebum in your pores;
pigment spots ;
dry patches caused by a lack of oil;
dilated pores in oily, normal and combination skin;
broken capillaries in sensitive skin;
fine lines and wrinkles;
• the presence of dry or oily dandruff

The device also has a hydrometer to measure skin’s hydration level. For example:
• More than 40% means that skin is well hydrated
• From 30 to 40%, it is dehydrated
• Less than 30%, it is very dehydrated
When skin is dehydrated, it is important to use skin care products that will help restore its normal level of moisture.

Pharmacy services

If you would like to have your skin analyzed, visit a Uniprix dermo-cosmetic centre. Our dermo-cosmetic consultants will then be able to recommend specific products that will give your skin the care and nourishment it needs.