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April 15, 2014

Skin care for him: Tips for the perfect shave

Although necessary, shaving can irritate the skin by eliminating from its surface cells and the natural hydrolipic barrier. Gentlemen, to your razors! What follows is a three-step program that will leave your face perfectly smooth and free of shaving bumps and ingrown hairs.

Get set

  1. Cleanse. Before you start, wash your face with a pre-shaving product suited to your skin type. You might also want to use a scrub once a week – exfoliation isn’t just for women anymore! In fact, by getting rid of dead skin cells, you will reduce your risks of nicks and cuts.

    Did you know that the best time to shave with a hand razor is when you’re under the shower? That’s because the hot water makes whiskers more supple and opens the pores. You’ll definitely need an antifog mirror for this exercise. But, if you’re not the type to shave in the shower, then do it just afterward.


  1. Apply the shaving cream. A shaving brush is best, or you can use your fingertips and apply the cream in a circular motion. To obtain perfectly supple skin and to soften your whiskers, leave it on for one minute before you begin.
  2. Shave. If you want to cut rather than pull out the hair, always shave in the direction of hair growth. And remember that hair on different parts of your face grows in different directions.
  3. Clean your razor. It is more hygienic to clean your razor by running the blade under water than it is to soak it in the sink – rinsing minimizes the risk of infecting the hair follicles.


  1. Rinse the skin. To close the pores, rinse your face abundantly with cold water.
  2. Soothe. Moisturize your skin and soothe razor burn by applying a lotion, balm or after-shave cream. The key? Make sure the product is free of alcohol!

For personalized advice on the shaving products that suit you best, talk to one of our beauty consultants!