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April 15, 2014

The right care for the eye area

When it comes to having youthful-looking eyes, the golden rule is to use an eye contour treatment morning and night. Read our article to discover how to care for this delicate area.

Don’t neglect the eye contour area!

Did you know that starting at age 25 all women should be using a good moisturizing eye cream? Perhaps that sounds early to you, but skin actually begins to age when women reach their twenties, and then, over time, it starts to lose its firmness and elasticity. These changes are even more visible around the eyes. Fortunately, there are ways to slow down the effects of time.

The benefits of an eye contour treatment

Applying an eye contour treatment morning and night:

  • improves drainage and increases firmness;
  • moisturizes skin;
  • protects skin from external irritants (pollution, cigarette smoke...);
  • reduces puffiness, under-eye bags and dark circles;
  • delays the appearance of the signs of aging (fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity...).

The ABCs of applying an eye contour treatment

  1. Thoroughly cleanse the eye contour . There should be no traces of makeup left.
  2. Wash your hands. Your eyes are sensitive to bacteria, making them prone to infections. If the treatment you have purchased is not available in a tube , use a clean applicator  or cotton swab to remove cream from the jar.
  3. Place a pea-size amount of the product on the back of your hand, scoop a small quantity with your ring finger and gently pat the product around your eye. Start with the inner corner of the eye (near the nose), moving toward the temples. Be careful never to rub, pull or tug the skin.

Last minute tips!

  • Before using a new product, always read the instructions on the package. Directions for use can vary from one product to another.
  • Never use your regular day or night cream around your eyes. They are too rich and contain too many active ingredients for this delicate skin.
  • Do not apply the product to your eyelids or to the area near the lashes. Just follow the facial bone. These products can actually irritate eyes.

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