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April 15, 2014

Neck and décolleté care for poise and grace!


Among all the anti-aging products you’ll find in the cosmetics aisle, none is more overlooked than those for the neck and décolleté. Yet the bust and neck area is more delicate and prone to aging than our face! That’s because the skin in this region is especially thin and has no muscle support.

Different types of neck and décolleté treatments

What should you look for in a product? Ideally, try to find a treatment specifically made to “lift,” “tone” or “firm” the area in question. 

There are various formulations available, each with its own effects.

  • Lotions
  • Creams
  • Lifting gels
  • Neck and décolleté masks (which smooth out lines and wrinkles)
  • Etc.

If you do not have a specific product for the neck and décolleté, you can always use your regular facial day and night cream

Good to know!

Just as we protect our face from premature aging by applying sunscreen, so, too, we should use it on our neck and décolleté. 

You should also exfoliate your neck and bust to help skin breathe better and enhance penetration of skin care products. Just be sure to select an extremely gentle exfoliant, free of abrasive particles.  

The importance of massages

Like any other area of the body, the neck and bust beg to be pampered and massaged with care in order to be at their very best.

There are various massage and product application techniques recommended. For example:

  • Wrap your hands around your neck and gently slide them toward the back
  • Starting at the base of your bust, massage your way up toward your chin using light, circulation motions with both hands;
  • Place your hands horizontally above your décolleté; stroke and press outward with your fingertips
  • etc.!  

The importance of massages

The dermo-cosmetic departments at Uniprix stores feature a host of specific body care products, including those for the neck and bust. Just ask one of our beauty consultants!