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April 08, 2016

How to grow your hair and nails

We all dream of having beautiful long nails and gorgeous cascading locks. So what’s the secret? Do old wives’ tales work? Does it depend on the moon phases? Is it divine intervention?  Time to ditch the folklore! Here’s a great collection of real tips and tricks that can help you grow a head of hair worthy of Samson (or Rapunzel, if you prefer) and celebrity nails! 

Top 5 tips to promote hair growth

Whether the moon is full or not, hair grows an average of 1.27 cm a month. Here are ways to promote growth and boost your odds of getting great results:

  1. Eat a healthy diet. A balanced diet is good for many things, including healthy hair. Which nutrients do you need for luscious locks? Protein, vitamins B and H, zinc, iron and sulphur.
  2. Use hair products suited to your hair. Is it damaged, oily, coloured? The condition of your hair should dictate the shampoo and conditioner you use. You also want to add a hair mask to your weekly beauty routine. Hair oils are another powerful ally to protect, repair and nourish your tresses.
  3. Massage your scalp. This will stimulate blood flow, oxygen delivery and, best of all, hair growth!
  4. Use the right tools and go easy on the styling. Choose a brush made of natural fibres and handle your hair gently when it is wet. It goes without saying that blow dryers and hot irons (flat, curling, etc.), styling products (hair spray, etc.) and chemicals (chlorine, hair colour, etc.) can do a number on your hair. Don’t overdo it and be sure to use a heat protector.
  5. Take dietary supplements or brewer’s yeast. Used as an intensive treatment for a few weeks or months, these products are said to promote hair health and growth. Keep in mind that even though they are natural products, you should still consult your family pharmacist before going ahead with the treatment to make sure it is right for you.

And, contrary to popular belief, getting regular trims does not make hair grow faster. It will, however, keep it looking healthy. If your mane tends to get knotted overnight, try a satin pillow case. It apparently does wonders!

Top 5 tips for growing your nails

The nails on our hands grow by about 2.5 mm every month. Whether we like it or not, their overall appearance depends on our diet, our general health and our treatment of them. Here’s some advice on caring for nails to enhance their growth.

  1. Eat well. Here again, a healthy, balanced diet is a great way to get healthy nails. Calcium is thought to improve the quality of nails, while biotin (vitamin B8) may play a role in strengthening them. As with hair, an intensive “hair and nail” treatment using dietary supplements or brewer’s yeast may make a positive contribution to nail health.
  2. Treat and protect them well. Do not use scissors or a nail clipper. File them moving from the outside to the centre. Wear rubber gloves when doing housework to keep nails away from water and chemicals.
  3. Moisturize and massage. Nails, just like skin, need to be moisturized regularly. Massage them with a hydrating balm or nourishing oil. This will promote blood flow and, in turn, nail growth.  
  4. Try a specialized product. Treat yourself to a special treatment product formulated to strengthen nails and promote their growth.
  5. Stop biting your nails!

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For additional tips and advice, speak with your Uniprix beauty consultant.

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