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April 15, 2014

Eliminate the shine of oily skin with the right products

Oily skin involves the overproduction of sebum, a component of the hydrolipidic film that protects skin from dryness. When produced in excess quantities, however, sebum can cause quite a few woes – everything from blocked pores and blemishes to shiny, oily skin. In this article, you will discover the types of products to include in your beauty regimen in order to address problems caused by oily skin.

Oily skin is sensitive skin 

Despite its thick texture, oily skin needs gentle care. In fact, it is prone to react to:

  • chemical agents (pollution, cosmetics, ill-suited therapies and products);
  • harsh treatment (friction, scrubbing); 
  • changes in weather (heat, wind, cold, sun); 
  • internal and external factors (stress, hormones, drugs).

That is why you must choose your products well and read the instructions carefully. If you are not sure of your skin type, you can always talk to one of our dermo-cosmetic consultants, who will conduct a simple skin type analysis, free of charge.

Products to avoid

Abrasive and drying products: Exfoliants, particularly those with large beads or granules, and alcohol-based products can seriously irritate oily skin. They “strip away” natural oils, while leading to an overproduction of sebum.

Cream-based products: They clog pores and make skin look all the more oily.

No-rinse products: They leave a greasy film on the skin, something you definitely do not want.

Products to choose

Gentle cleansing foams, bars or gels formulated for oily skin: They should be free of oil and soap. Choose hypoallergenic products with a neutral pH. You also want to look for the term “non-comedogenic.” Be sure to read the labels carefully.

Matifying products: They absorb sebum, while reducing shine.

Purifying masks (mud or green clay): In addition to deeply cleansing pores and preventing the appearance of new blackheads, these masks absorb excess sebum and tighten the surface of the skin.

Astringent lotions and toners: They eliminate any leftover oil and impurities and tighten pores, which reduces the secretion of sebum. They also refresh skin and balance its pH. Choose an alcohol-free product formulated for oily skin.

AHA products (fruit acids): These high-performance products help to eliminate excess sebum, remove any impurities from the epidermis, reduce the appearance of pores and improve the texture of the skin. They must be used sparingly, however.

Here’s another tip: Look for key terms like “purifying,” “balancing,” “oxygenating” and “exfoliating.” You can’t go wrong!

A pointer!

Are you using the right products and taking great care of your skin, but still find that it shines on certain days? Keep handy little blotter papers in your purse at all times. Use them to gently pat your face and they will absorb any excess sebum in a flash!

Pharmacy services

To learn more on the various products available in our dermo-cosmetic centres, talk to one of our consultants. She will help you make the right choice!