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April 15, 2014


Lipstick is an essential piece of any cosmetic kit. Every season, it makes a comeback with an array of colours, each more gorgeous than the next!

The base

Lipstick is often the base of our makeup. We can use it to create a romantic, glamorous or sexy look. Whatever the look, here are the products you’ll need for impeccable lips.

The importance of balance

First, here’s the golden rule in modern makeup: emphasize either the eyes or the lips, never both!

So with discreet eye makeup, lips can be vibrant and richly coloured. But, if you decide to play up your eyes, you’ll need to tone down your lip colour.

The technique

To get beautiful lips and make it easier to apply makeup, be sure to keep them well moisturized with lip balm. You’ll also want to gently exfoliate them before applying lipstick.

Plump lips

Step 1 – Concealer, foundation or lip base
Apply a dab of foundation over lips to help correct your natural lip line, even out the colour of your lips and extend the hold of your lipstick.

Step 2 – Lip liner
If you want to minimize the fullness of your lips, apply the liner just inside the lip line.

Step 3 – Lipstick
When it comes to the choice of a lip colour, remember this rule of thumb – darker tones make lips look smaller, while lighter ones make them look fuller. For maximum hold, always apply lipstick with a brush.

Thin lips

Step 1 – Lip base
To moisturize and smooth lips, boost the hold of lipstick and keep it from feathering, lip base is the perfect product. It can also be used as an overnight treatment.

Good to know!
Some lip bases also provide plumping, wrinkle-fighting action.

Step 2 – Lip liner
To give thin lips more volume, apply lip liner just outside the natural contour of the lips. Here’s the technique: smile; then, starting from the centre, work your way towards the corners.

Step 3 – Lipstick
Apply a shade that’s not too dark, being sure to blend the lip colour with the lip liner. It’s that easy!

With these few tricks, you’ll have movie star lips in a flash!

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