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April 15, 2014

Hair removal: Cream or sugar?

Now that summer has arrived, the time has come to get serious about hair removal! Among the various options available, here are two methods you may want to consider: depilatories and sugaring.


Convenient, fast, easy and completely painless, depilatories are an effective hair removal solution. They contain alkaline active ingredients that chemically eliminate unwanted hair. After a waiting period of a few minutes, hair is dissolved from one to two millimetres beneath the skin.

However, hair will grow back relatively soon after – from 3 to 5 days – and while it may not come back as dense as when shaving, it still remains quite coarse. It is also important to always do a skin patch test prior to use; sensitive skin can react to the chemicals contained in depilatories.


Originally from the Middle East, this technique involves the use of a paste made entirely of natural ingredients such as sugar, honey and lemon. These are mixed into a sticky ball that can be rolled over the area to be epilated; the hairs then adhere to the paste, uprooting them from their follicles. Sugaring has many advantages:

  • It is very gentle, making it suitable for all skin types;
  • The lemon and honey paste also exfoliates the skin, allowing you to skip a step;
  • Removal is done in the hair’s natural direction of growth – as opposed to traditional waxing which is in the opposite direction. This reduces the quantity and coarseness of regrowth.
  • Hair grows back only after 4 to 5 weeks.

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