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April 15, 2014


Cellulite is a concern for nearly all women, since it strikes 9 in 10 of them!

Women are more prone to this problem than men simply because they have more fat cells.

What is the percentage of body fat in women?

22% versus 12% in men. More fatty tissue means a greater build up of toxins in the body. Toxins block blood vessels, causing blood to flow less freely. This, in turn, hardens the tissue. The result is orange-peel skin!

To prevent or reduce cellulite, you must work on eliminating these toxins.

Your starting point is a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Exercise regularly: jogging, walking, swimming and toning exercises for the thighs, buttocks and abdomen.
  2. A healthy diet, including plenty of fruit and vegetables, limited amounts of fat and lots of water.
  3. To eliminate stored fat, try giving yourself regular massages using the “palpate-roll” technique on affected areas. It’s a great way to stimulate circulation.

Anti-cellulite products are effective as long as you have a healthy lifestyle. Creams alone do not work miracles!

Products formulated to fight cellulite help to burn fat, prevent its build up and promote its elimination. They also smooth the skin.

The best strategy is to use anti-cellulite products all year long – not just 1 month before going on vacation!

Which ingredients should you look for in anti-cellulite products?

Look for caffeine, an excellent fat burner, and ivy for its decongesting effect. Lipocidine and glaucine are other effective ingredients.

Which crucial step should you never overlook when applying an anti-cellulite product?

Exfoliation. In the shower, use a massage glove to remove dead skin cells. Apply the anti-cellulite product using an upward motion, while adding pressure.

Certain body care treatments are also thought to be useful in the battle against cellulite.

  • Chocolate body wraps: Cocoa has a dual effect. It promotes cell renewal and helps eliminate fat.
  • Lymphatic drainage: It releases toxins.

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