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April 15, 2014

Improved odds of beating cancer

Every year, cancer claims many lives. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, it is the leading cause of death in the country. There is a ray of hope, however, since the odds of beating cancer are better today than they have ever been!

Heartening statistics on cancer

In a September 2010 update on cancer survival rates, Statistics Canada revealed that Canadians now live longer after being diagnosed with cancer. This update compares survival rates in 1992 with those of 2006.

According to Statistics Canada, “the overall five-year survival rate of Canadians diagnosed with cancer in the period from 2004 to 2006 is estimated to be 62 per cent of that of an identical group without cancer.(...) The 10-year survival rate is estimated at 58 per cent.”*

The survival rate obviously depends on the type of cancer, with some being more lethal than others. This summary table provides a quick glance at the differences among them.

Five-year survival rate by type of cancer:

  • 24 % Brain
  • 44 % Ovarian
  • 6 % Pancreatic
  • 89 % Skin
  • 16 % Poumon
  • 96 % Prostate
  • 56 % Blood
  • 88 % Breast

It is important to remember that survival is influenced by many other factors, such as gender and the age of the patient at the time of diagnosis.

Pharmacy services

Do you have questions about cancer, its prevention and its treatment? Talk to your pharmacist. He’s a reliable source of information!


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