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May 21, 2020

Uniprix unite to support victims of domestic violence

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis is challenging for everyone, but even more so for vulnerable individuals. Victims of domestic violence are even more at risk during this period of confinement.  

Pharmacies affiliated to Uniprix can play an important role in addressing this critical situation. Pharmacies are one of the first essential points of contact for families and one of the strongest links in Quebec’s healthcare chain.  

Participating stores are committed to helping victims who come forward by providing a safe and confidential space for them to contact SOS violence conjugale.

SOS violence conjugale is available 24/7 across Quebec. It provides services and resources to victims of or individuals concerned by domestic violence.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I report my situation?

  1. You can talk to our team, in total confidentiality.
  2. A safe space will be at your disposal.
  3. A telephone will be available for you to ask for help.

How do I know if my store is one of the participating pharmacies?

Look for the purple dot on the front door of participating stores. The dot indicates that the store is a safe place to seek assistance. 

Can my pharmacist offer me psychological support?

No. It is not the pharmacists’ nor their teams’ role to offer psychological support. The role of participating stores is to offer you a safe space so that you can contact a crisis centre such as SOS violence conjugale. The organization will provide you with the psychological support you need.


Can my pharmacist report my abuser or file a complaint against my spouse on my behalf?

No. The decision to report your abuser or spouse is yours alone. The pharmacy team’s role is to take you to a safe space in total confidentiality and to provide you with a telephone so that you can contact a crisis centre in your area.


Someone I know appears to be a victim of domestic violence. What should I do?

The first thing to do is to contact SOS violence conjugale at 1 800 363-9010 to speak to a case worker about the situation. They will provide the necessary guidance. If the situation is urgent, call 9-1-1.


Can my pharmacist file a complaint against my spouse?

No. You are the only person who can initiate such proceedings. The role of participating stores is to take you to a safe space so that you can contact a crisis centre in your area.


Can I return to the store several times if I am in a situation of domestic violence?

Yes, it will be our pleasure to accompany you whenever necessary and take you to a safe space to seek help.

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