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Professional services

In many Uniprix-affiliated pharmacies, you can consult a nurse or a nutritionist for a number of health care services. They can also help with the follow-up of a chronic disease undertaken by your affiliated pharmacist.

Here are a few examples of professional services you can access at some of our Uniprix-affiliated pharmacies.

The professional services available may vary from one location to the next. To learn more, consult the list of Uniprix locations and the description of the health services they offer.

Vaccination – Nursing services 

Need a specific vaccine before you travel (hepatitis A and B, etc.)? Want to get your seasonal flu shot before winter hits?

Uniprix-affiliated pharmacies offer these vaccines and many others. Ask about this service!

Find a Uniprix location offering the vaccination service.

Blood tests – Nursing services 

Find a Uniprix location offering blood testing services.

To help you follow up and diagnose a wide range of illnesses, many of our sales locations have the necessary resources and materials to carry out blood tests. In fact, a certified nurse is on hand to do the testing and can then forward the results to your doctor.

Here are a few medical tests requiring the blood sample collection services available in many Uniprix-affiliated pharmacies:

  • The complete blood count (CBC), hemogram or hematologic examination is a diagnostic test performed to analyze the components of your blood. This test can detect diseases of the blood (anemia, leukemia, hemophilia, etc.), some infections, but also other pathologies, such as certain types of cancer and diabetes. 
  • A lipid profile is a group of blood tests that provides information on the amounts of fat in your blood, including cholesterol and triglycerides. Physicians sometimes ask for a lipid profile when a patient has diabetes, liver disease or is overweight. 
  • The thyroid gland workup is a laboratory test that analyzes the health of the thyroid gland, including the TSH level, a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland, which is responsible for thyroid gland function. If your TSH is elevated, you suffer from hyperthyroidism; if it is too low, you have hypothyroidism. 

If you have any questions about blood testing or the medical tests requiring blood collection, bring your questions to a Uniprix location offering blood testing services.

Foot care – Nursing services 

Find a Uniprix location offering foot care services

Many of our sales locations offer foot care services, which, in some cases, are delivered by a nurse. She will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need on foot health issues, such as:

  • Calluses, corns and soft corns (between toes) – thickening of the skin as a result of friction; 
  • Callosity – similar to corns, but found on the heels, soles and toes; 
  • Cracked heels – when callused skin on the heel cracks as a result of loss of suppleness and elasticity; 
  • Ingrown toenails – when part of the toenail grows into the skin causing inflammation; 
  • Deformed toenails.

Do you suffer from diabetes? We can help, since many of our Uniprix-affiliated pharmacists offer foot care services. It’s widely recognized that people with diabetes run a greater risk of developing problems with their feet. That’s because diabetes leads to poorer blood flow, which in turn causes slower healing of wounds and a loss of feeling in the lower limbs. It is therefore important to regularly monitor the condition of your feet. 

Arthritis, which is a condition affecting the joints, also leads to foot problems in the form of pain and swelling. If you have arthritis, visit one of our sales locations offering foot care services. 
And remember that healthy feet are key to staying active! 

Please note that foot care services vary from one sales location to the next. To learn more, ask about foot care at one of our sales locations offering this service. 

Wound care – Nursing services 

Many of our sales locations offer nurse-administered wound care services. You can have your dressing changed, your stitches removed right on the premises or consult a health professional about minor wounds and injuries or other lesions caused by more serious diseases (e.g. diabetic foot).

Find a Uniprix location offering wound care services.

Nutrition (Healthy eating and weight loss) 

Looking for expert advice on your eating habits or on a special diet you’d like to follow? Perhaps you’re looking to learn how to prevent bouts of hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia? A nutritionist can help you better understand the impact of your diet on your health.

Certain Uniprix-affiliated locations offer the services of a nutritionist, by appointment. Ask about this service!

Travel health 

To get the most from your vacation and prevent potential health problems, you need to plan carefully. Make sure you get the required vaccines for your destination, stock up on medications and draw up a detailed list of your medicines in case your luggage gets lost. You may also want to pack drugs used to prevent certain diseases (e.g. malaria). If you have a serious disease, be sure to take all the necessary precautions related to your condition.

Many Uniprix-affiliated pharmacies include a travel vaccination clinic (vaccines for hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever, cholera, etc.). And, of course, at all Uniprix sales locations, you can obtain the advice of a pharmacist on over-the-counter travel products (diarrhea medication, mosquito repellant, jet lag products, etc.) or prescriptions you will need to take with you when you travel. Don’t hesitate to ask!

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