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Precursor of retinoic acid (vitamin A acid).

Retinaldehyde plays an important role in the regulation of the metabolism of epidermal cells1. It would induce collagen2 and elastin fiber production3 and would reduce the sign of skin aging (wrinkles, fine lines, improvement in skin texture, hyperpigmentation). This molecule is also recommended to improve acne symptoms.oic acid4. Retinaldehyde is less irritating and generally better tolerated than retinoic acid.  It would have anti-bacterial properties, which doesn’t seem to be the case with retinol nor retinoic acid4. Avène Ysthéal+ Cream, Emulsion and Eye care, Avène Eluage Restructuring Anti-aging Cream and Gel, Avène Diacneal. Dermatology. 1999;199 Suppl 1:37-41. Int J Tissue React. 2005;27(3):91-9. Dermatology. 1999;199 Suppl 1:43-8. Dermatology. 2002;205(2):153-8.

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