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April 15, 2014

Eye contour: Handle with care!

What’s the secret to looking young? Taking good care of the skin around your eyes! Delicate and involved in all motion of the surrounding muscles, the eye contour is always first to show signs of aging. Learn how to give it the gentle care it deserves.

Eye-opening stats

The skin around your eyes is 5 to 10 times thinner and has fewer oil glands than the rest of your face. It therefore loses its elasticity much faster, not to mention that it is used constantly, with eyelids blinking or contracting up to 10,000 times every day.

Makeup removal

It’s better to saturate and pat, rather than tug and scrub:

  1. Pour onto a cotton pad a small quantity of makeup remover specially formulated for the eyes (adjusted to the pH level of the eye area);
  2. Apply the cotton pad over closed eyes and hold for a few seconds. This will dissolve the eye makeup, so you won’t need to rub;
  3. Sweep it over your lashes, from root to tip;
  4. Gently run the cotton pad underneath the eye, from the inner to the outer edge;
  5. Repeat if necessary.


To prevent wrinkles, women should start using anti-aging creams at 30. At that age, eye contour cream is recommended for its ability to boost the area’s hydration, improve drainage, and prevent puffiness, as well as the appearance of lines and the loss of firmness. It also enhances the hold of eye shadow. 

  1. Apply a small quantity of product on the brow bone. Gently pat to work in the cream, starting from the inner corner of the eye toward the eyebrow arch.
  2. Repeat for the lower eyelid, patting from the inner to the outer corner of the eye.

Handy tips

If you use an oil-based makeup remover to take off your waterproof mascara, follow with a regular eye makeup removing solution to eliminate any excess oil. That way, you won’t wake up with puffy eyes!

While the temptation is there, you should avoid using your day or night cream for your eye area. They are generally too rich and so risk blocking pores.

Avoid baby oil at all costs

Removing eye makeup with baby oil can lead to an oil build-up in the eye contour area, causing the appearance of milia (white bumps under the skin).

Visit your local Uniprix to find the right eye care product. Our dermo-cosmetic consultant will analyze your skin and recommend products suited to your skin type.