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April 15, 2014

Reduce under-eye circles, puffiness and bags for a fresher look!

Lack of sleep, poor circulation, swelling, uneven pigmentation, thinning skin and age are just some of the factors that compromise the appearance of the eye contour area. Here are a few tips and tricks to reduce or hide these minor problems!

Minimizing under-eye flaws

Of all the advice you’ve heard on minimizing dark circles, bags and puffiness in the eye area, maintaining a healthy lifestyle probably ranks at the top of the list in terms of usefulness. A healthy diet, proper hydration exercise, good quality sleep, stress reduction and alcohol only in moderation play a pivotal role in preventing or reducing these problems. Here are additional, lesser known, hints that can be a big help!

  • Massage of eye area. Massaging this zone can help by stimulating blood flow. (Poor blood flow is what makes under-eye circles look bluish).
  • Cold therapy. A 15-minute application of an eye contour gel mask cooled in the fridge, firms and decongests the area to reduce bags and puffiness. (As a bonus, cold therapy can also help ease migraine pain).
  • Heat therapy. For dark circles, heat is a better option, since it increases blood flow while cold reduces it. Heat the mask in hot – not boiling – water.
  • Eye contour cream. Several eye creams have decongestive properties, some of which also work on issues such as, swelling, uneven pigmentation and the build-up of dead skin cells. Caffeine, vitamins B3 and Cg, LHA, vitamin C and ceramides are some of the active ingredients to look for.. Ask your dermo-cosmetic consultant about these products!
  • Eye contour patches. Different types of eye contour patches are offered. In only 20 minutes, they help alleviate signs of fatigue, smooth the eye area and moisturize the skin to diminish the look of lines and wrinkles.

Concealing under-eye flaws

The art of concealing circles, bags and puffiness calls for the use of various makeup products. Learn tips from the pros!

  • Choose a light-reflecting eye contour cream. Combining properties that decongest the eye area and reduce bags and puffiness, light-reflecting creams brighten shadows and lessen the look of flaws.
  • Apply concealer. For tired eyes and dark circles, use a complexion illuminating corrective concealer that will capture light, wipe away signs of fatigue and minimize imperfections. For puffiness, you’ll need two cream concealers (one that matches your skin tone, the other a half-tone lighter). Apply the matching concealer directly on the under-eye bag and the lighter tone just below it (on the deeper crease). This will create the illusion of less volume.
  • Choose a light, pearly eye shadow for the eyelids. If you have lines and wrinkles, eye shadow in a pearl finish is the better choice.
  • Brigthen your eyes with an illuminating powder or pencil. Apply to the inner corner of the eye, beneath the brow line and along the lower eye lid, at the lash line.
  • Take special care of your eyelashes. Curl your upper lashes to open up the eye. Apply a defining mascara rather than a volumizing one, to avoid heaviness.

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