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What you eat, your lifestyle, medication or medical conditions can all disturb your digestion at times. If you suspect one of these factors is at play, talk to your pharmacist to sort this all out.

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Gastric Reflux: How to avoid it
When important dinner parties, celebrations and festive occasions come around, it is not uncommon for people to overeat. In some cases, this can lead to “heartburn.” Learn how to prevent and relieve it.

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Weight Loss

Weight Management

If you’re thinking about losing weight, your pharmacist can shed a light on helpful natural health products and make sure your medication doesn’t make you gain weight as a side effect.
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If you are allergic to certain components of your medication or don't like the taste, your pharmacist can find allergy-free formulations as a substitution or add flavour to improve its taste. 
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Medication Prescription

Your pharmacist can prescribe medication for minor conditions such as nauses, acid reflux, constipation and diarrhea and provide general advice on digestive health medication.


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