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Aeroplan FAQ


  How do I redeem my Aeroplan Miles?

To redeem your Aeroplan Miles, go to www.aeroplan.com, under the Use your Miles section. There you’ll find a catalogue of offers and products you can obtain in exchange for your miles.

  Can I redeem Aeroplan Miles for a Uniprix gift card?

You can obtain a $20 Uniprix gift card with 3,000 Aeroplan Miles. To exchange your miles for a gift card, go to www.aeroplan.com.

  How to become an Aeroplan Member?

There are three ways to become an Aeroplan Member: Obtain an Aeroplan Card at participating  Uniprix locations; Join online at  www.aeroplan.com; Call 1 800 361-5373. You already have an Aeroplan Card,  but haven’t yet filled out the registration form at  www.aeroplan.com? Do it today so you can receive your Aeroplan Miles balance and information on Aeroplan offers. You can then start redeeming your miles for worthwhile gifts right now

  Where else can I earn Aeroplan Miles?

Collect Aeroplan Miles every day by shopping at any of the 150 Aeroplan Partners, such as: Esso Home Hardware Belairdirect ING Assurance Air Canada American Express CIBC Complete list of partners

  How many Aeroplan Miles do I have in my account?

To know your Aeroplan Miles balance, visit www.aeroplan.com. To see your balance, however, you first need to complete the online registration form, if you have not already done so.

  Does my Aeroplan Card have an expiry date?

Your Aeroplan Card doesn’t have an expiry date. However, if after one year you have not made any transactions using your Aeroplan Card (earning or redeeming miles), your balance will return to zero. In addition, each Aeroplan Miles earned must be redeemed within seven years.

  When are the Aeroplan Miles credited to my account?

Normally, the Aeroplan Miles will be credited to your account two business days after the transaction. In certain exceptional cases, the miles might be deposited up to four weeks after the transaction.

  How can I reach the Aeroplan Contact Centre by telephone?

To reach Aeroplan, dial: 1 800-361-5373.

  How can I earn Aeroplan Miles at Uniprix ?

Earn Aeroplan Miles at Uniprix by presenting your Aeroplan Reward Card during a transaction. The base offer is easy to remember: for every $1 you spend, you earn 1 Aeroplan Mile*. Uniprix regularly gives you the chance to accumulate miles more quickly. Be sure to keep an eye out for these promotions. *Certain conditions apply.