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About us

History and mission

True to our promise: We’re there for you!

premier logo uniprix (brun)In 1977, a group of Quebec pharmacists came together to leverage their group purchasing power, without compromising their independence. Uniprix was born. Some 40 years later, the banner’s pioneers and early pharmacists still share the same ambition: to provide their customers the best possible service. To help them reach this goal, they can call on the expertise of the professionals at the head office. This valuable partnership helps the company expand and makes sure the pharmacist-owners truly are there for you.  

Uniprix: A leader in Quebec’s retail pharmacy market

With annual sales of over $1 billion, Uniprix Group and its banners—Uniprix, Uniprix Santé and Uniprix Clinique—employ thousands of people in hundreds of pharmacies throughout the province. Uniprix Group is one of the main players in Quebec’s retail pharmacy market and is the largest group of independent pharmacists in the province. 

A new chapter in the story

In 2017, McKesson Canada acquired Uniprix shares. The acquisition seemed a natural step for these two companies deeply rooted in Quebec and already accustomed to working together to improve health services for Quebecers.

McKesson Canada is dedicated to improving health. It plays an essential role in health care and has a unique vision for the future. McKesson Canada works with insurers, hospitals, physicians’ offices, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies and governments to build stronger organizations that deliver better health care to patients in all settings. Learn more about McKesson Canada at

Uniprix: A pharmacy of the future!

To stand out from the competition, Uniprix intends to put showcase its pharmacists’ credibility and expertise. In the coming years, the banner will provide Quebecers a completely different kind of destination that steps well outside the box. Uniprix is reshaping its brand around prevention, treatment and wellness. This is an essential—even crucial—development for the chain.

The shift is already underway. The first new stores were inaugurated in 2017, and several new health services are already being provided to local customers. 


Uniprix wants to be more than just a neighbourhood store: we want to be Quebecers’ health destination of choice. 


Family Pharmacist. Talk to us!

Uniprix’s affiliated pharmacists are passionate about their work and care deeply about their customers’ wellbeing. Capable of much more than dispensing medication, they seek to play a concrete role with patients, offering them comprehensive care of their health.

In this light, the new motto Family Pharmacist makes perfect sense!

So feel free to ask your pharmacist. He or she is there to answer your health questions!