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Maternity and baby care

At Uniprix-affiliated pharmacies, we care about families. This is why new parents, pregnant women and those trying to conceive will find a variety of fertility, maternal health and baby care services, such as:

Fertility services 

The journey to conceiving a child can raise a whole host of questions. Perhaps you just started thinking about stopping your birth control? Or maybe you are currently taking or about to take fertility drugs. Whatever the case, remember that your family pharmacist is always there for you.

Uniprix-affiliated pharmacists can give you the information you need about trying to conceive – everything from discontinuing birth control to ovulation, fertility issues, medication before and during pregnancy and prenatal vitamins. If you need to take fertility drugs, your pharmacist can provide them for you. If they are not in stock, he or she can order them for prompt delivery.

It is reassuring to know that some of the pharmacists affiliated with Uniprix offer fertility services and expertise along with compassionate support through every step of this important life journey. This means they have on hand the products you need, when you need them. They are also available to offer personalized follow-up, answer your questions on managing adverse drug effects, inform you on drug interactions and show you how to properly administer your fertility treatment.

Click here for the list of sales locations offering fertility services.

Rental of breast pumps 

Certain Uniprix-affiliated pharmacies rent electric breast pumps to help nursing moms.

Is this a product you need? Get more information at a Uniprix location offering the breast pump rental program.

And for detailed, informative and reliable information on infant and maternal care, visit the “Maternity and baby care” section.

Newborn weighing service 

To make sure your newborn is gaining sufficient weight between doctor’s visits, drop by a Uniprix-affiliated sales location. The health professionals at many of our affiliated pharmacies offer a newborn weighing service.

Find a Uniprix location offering the newborn weighing service.

Folic acid/multivitamin/mineral supplementation 

Canadian health professionals and public health authorities now recognize that folic acid (vitamin B9) supplementation is required prior to conception, during pregnancy and after childbirth. Folic acid is strongly recommended since it helps prevent neural tube defects in the fetus, among other things.

Need advice and information on folic acid? Or on the multivitamin or mineral supplement (e.g. iron) your obstetrician or doctor prescribed? Talk to your Uniprix-affiliated pharmacist for answers to your questions.

Under a regional collective prescription (issued by a duly mandated physician), certain Uniprix-affiliated pharmacies are officially authorized to initiate folic acid, multivitamin and mineral supplementation for pregnant women and those wishing to conceive. Find out if an affiliated pharmacy in your region is authorized to issue this collective prescription.

Treatment of pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting 

Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (NVP) can have a significant impact on the quality of life of the women affected. If you have NVP, be sure to discuss it with a health professional as soon as possible.

Under a regional collective prescription (issued by a duly mandated physician), certain Uniprix-affiliated pharmacies are officially authorized to initiate drug treatment of pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting. Find out if an affiliated pharmacy in your region  is authorized to issue this collective prescription. 

Pregnancy testing 

If necessary, your Uniprix-affiliated pharmacist can explain to you in detail how to take an over-the-counter home pregnancy test. He or she can also assist you in analyzing the results of your test.

Services in pharmacy are the sole responsibility of pharmacist-owners. Only pharmacists are responsible for pharmacy practice. They only provide related services acting under a pharmacist-owner’s name.