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Fabrazyme (agalsidase beta)
famciclovir ( Apo-FamciclovirAva-FamciclovirCO FamciclovirFamciclovir by Pro DocFamvirpms-FamciclovirSandoz Famciclovir )
Famciclovir by Pro Doc (famciclovir)
famotidine ( Acid Control by PendopharmAcid Control by StanleyApo-FamotidineFamotidine by SanisFamotidine OmegaMylan-FamotidineNovo-FamotidineNu-FamotidinePepcidPepcid ACPeptic Guard )
Famotidine by Sanis (famotidine)
Famotidine Omega (famotidine)
fampridine ( Fampyra )
Fampyra (fampridine)
Famvir (famciclovir)
Faslodex (fulvestrant)
febuxostat ( Uloric )
felodipine ( PlendilRenedilSandoz Felodipine )
Femara (letrozole)
FemHRT (norethindrone acetate - ethinyl estradiol (FemHRT))
fenofibrate ( Apo-FenofibrateNu-Fenofibrate )
fenofibrate (crystals) ( Lipidil EZ )
fenofibrate (microcoated) ( Apo-Feno-SuperFenomaxLipidil SupraPro-Feno-SuperSandoz Fenofibrate STeva-Fenofibrate-S )
fenofibrate (micronized) ( Apo-Feno-MicroAva-Fenofibrate MicroDom-Fenofibrate MicroFenofibrate Micro by SanisFeno-Micro-200Lipidil MicroMylan-Fenofibrate Microphl-Fenofibrate Micropms-Fenofibrate MicroQ-Fenofibrate Microratio-Fenofibrate MCRiva-Fenofibrate MicroTeva-Fenofibrate Micro )
Fenofibrate Micro by Sanis (fenofibrate (micronized))
Fenomax (fenofibrate (microcoated))
Feno-Micro-200 (fenofibrate (micronized))
fentanyl tablet ( Abstral )
fentanyl transdermal patch ( Duragesic MATpms-Fentanyl MTXRAN-Fentanyl Matrix Patchratio-FentanylSandoz FentanylTeva-Fentanyl )
Fer-In-Sol (oral iron (ferrous gluconate, ferrous fumarate, ferrous sulfate))
Ferodan (oral iron (ferrous gluconate, ferrous fumarate, ferrous sulfate))
fesoterodine ( Toviaz )
fexofenadine ( Allegra )
fexofenadine - pseudoephedrine ( Allegra-D )
Fibristal (ulipristal)
fidaxomicin ( Dificid )
filgrastim ( Neupogen )
Finasteride (finasteride (for BPH))
finasteride (for BPH) ( CO FinasterideFinasterideFinasteride USPJAMP-FinasterideMylan-Finasteridepms-FinasterideProscarratio-FinasterideSandoz FinasterdeTeva-Finasteride )
finasteride (for male pattern baldness) ( pms-FinasteridePropeciaSandoz Finasteride A )
Finasteride USP (finasteride (for BPH))
fingolimod ( Gilenya )
Fiorinal (ASA - caffeine - butalbital)
Fiorinal C (ASA - caffeine - codeine - butalbital)
Firmagon (degarelix)
Flagyl (metronidazole)
Flagystatin (metronidazole - nystatin vaginal)
Flamazine (silver sulfadiazine)
Flavoxate (flavoxate)
flavoxate ( Apo-FlavoxateFlavoxatepms-FlavoxateUrispas )
flecainide ( Flecainide by AA Pharma Inc.Tambocor )
Flecainide by AA Pharma Inc. (flecainide)
Fleet Enema (sodium phosphates)
Fleet Enema Pediatric (sodium phosphates)
Floctafenine (floctafenine)
floctafenine ( Floctafenine )
Flolan (epoprostenol)
Flomax CR (tamsulosin)
Flonase (fluticasone propionate nasal spray)
Florinef (fludrocortisone)
Flovent (fluticasone)
Fluanxol Depot (flupenthixol)
Fluanxol Tablets (flupenthixol)
Fluconazole (fluconazole-150 (for vaginal candidiasis))
fluconazole ( Apo-FluconazoleCO FluconazoleDiflucanDom-FluconazoleFluconazole by SorresFluconazole injection by BaxterFluconazole injection by SandozFluconazole injection by TevaFluconazole OmegaMylan-FluconazolePms-FluconazolePro-FluconazoleRiva-FluconazoleTaro-FluconazoleTeva-Fluconazole )
Fluconazole by Sorres (fluconazole)
Fluconazole injection by Baxter (fluconazole)
Fluconazole injection by Sandoz (fluconazole)
Fluconazole injection by Teva (fluconazole)
Fluconazole Omega (fluconazole)
fluconazole-150 (for vaginal candidiasis) ( Apo-Fluconazole 150CanesOralCO Fluconazole-150Diflucan OneFluconazoleMonicureMylan-Fluconazole-150phl-Fluconazolepms-FluconazolePro-FluconazoleRiva-FluconazoleTeva-Fluconazole-150 )
Fludara (fludarabine)
fludarabine ( Fludara )
fludrocortisone ( Florinef )
flumethasone - clioquinol cream ( Locacorten Vioform Cream )
flumethasone - clioquinol eardrops ( Locacorten Vioform Eardrops )
FluMist (influenza vaccine (intranasal spray))
flunarizine ( Apo-Flunarizine )
flunisolide nasal spray ( Apo-FlunisolideRhinalar Nasal Mist )
fluocinolone acetonide ( CapexDerma-Smoothe/FSDermotic Oil Ear Drops )
fluocinonide topical ( LidemolLidexLydermTiamolTopactin )
Fluoroplex (fluorouracil topical)
fluorouracil ( Fluorouracil Injection by HospiraFluorouracil Injection by Sandoz )
Fluorouracil Injection by Hospira (fluorouracil)
Fluorouracil Injection by Sandoz (fluorouracil)
fluorouracil topical ( EfudexFluoroplex )
fluoxetine ( Apo-FluoxetineAuro-FluoxetineAva-FluoxetineCO FluoxetineDom-FluoxetineFluoxetine by Accord HealthcareFluoxetine by Meliapharm Inc.Fluoxetine by Pharmascience Inc.Fluoxetine by Sanis Health Inc.Fluoxetine by Sivem PharmaceuticalsFXT 40Jamp-FluoxetineMar-FluoxetineMint-FluoxetineMylan-FluoxetineNu-Fluoxetinephl-Fluoxetinepms-FluoxetinePro-FluoxetineProzacQ-Fluoxetineratio-FluoxetineRiva-FluoxetineSandoz FluoxetineTeva-FluoxetineZym-Fluoxetine )
Fluoxetine by Accord Healthcare (fluoxetine)
Fluoxetine by Meliapharm Inc. (fluoxetine)
Fluoxetine by Pharmascience Inc. (fluoxetine)
Fluoxetine by Sanis Health Inc. (fluoxetine)
Fluoxetine by Sivem Pharmaceuticals (fluoxetine)
flupenthixol ( Fluanxol DepotFluanxol TabletsFlupenthixol Decanoate Injection )
Flupenthixol Decanoate Injection (flupenthixol)
fluphenazine decanoate ( Apo-Fluphenazine InjectableFluphenazine OmegaModecate ConcentratePMS-Fluphenazine Decanoate )
fluphenazine hydrochloride ( Apo-FluphenazinePMS-Fluphenazine )
Fluphenazine Omega (fluphenazine decanoate)
flurazepam ( Apo-FlurazepamBio-FlurazepamFlurazepam by Pro DocPMS-Flurazepam )
Flurazepam by Pro Doc (flurazepam)
flurbiprofen ( AnsaidApo-FlurbiprofenNu-FlurbiprofenTeva-Flurbiprofen )
Flutamide (flutamide)
flutamide ( Apo-FlutamideEuflexFlutamideFlutamide by Pharmelpms-FlutamideTeva-Flutamide )
Flutamide by Pharmel (flutamide)
fluticasone ( Flovent )
fluticasone furoate nasal spray ( Avamys )
fluticasone propionate nasal spray ( Apo-FluticasoneFlonaseratio-Fluticasone )
fluticasone topical ( Cutivate )
fluvastatin ( LescolLescol XL )
Fluviral (influenza vaccine)
fluvoxamine ( Apo-FluvoxamineCO FluvoxamineDom-FluvoxamineFluvoxamine by Pro DocLuvoxNu-FluvoxaminePHL-FluvoxaminePMS-Fluvoxamineratio-FluvoxamineRiva-FluvoxSandoz FluvoxamineTeva-Fluvoxamine )
Fluvoxamine by Pro Doc (fluvoxamine)
follitropin alpha ( Gonal-fGonal-f Pen )
follitropin beta ( Puregon )
Foradil (formoterol fumarate)
formoterol - mometasone ( Zenhale )
formoterol fumarate ( Foradil )
formoterol fumarate dihydrate ( Oxeze )
Formulex by Valeant (dicyclomine)
Forteo (teriparatide injection)
Fosamax (alendronate)
fosamprenavir ( Telzir )
Fosavance (alendronate - cholecalciferol)
Fosinopril (fosinopril)
fosinopril ( Apo-FosinoprilFosinoprilJamp-FosinoprilMonoprilMylan-Fosinoprilpms-FosinoprilRan-FosinoprilRiva-FosinoprilTeva-Fosinopril )
Fosrenol (lanthanum carbonate)
Fragmin (dalteparin)
framycetin ( Sofra-Tulle )
framycetin sulfate - gramicidin - dexamethasone compound ( Sofracort )
Fraxiparine (nadroparin)
Freya (desogestrel - ethinyl estradiol)
Frisium (clobazam)
Frova (frovatriptan)
frovatriptan ( Frova )
fucidic acid ( Fucithalmic Viscous by Leo Pharma )
Fucidin Cream (fusidic acid or sodium fusidate topical)
Fucidin H (fusidic acid - hydrocortisone)
Fucidin Ointment (fusidic acid or sodium fusidate topical)
Fucithalmic Viscous by Leo Pharma (fucidic acid)
fulvestrant ( Faslodex )
furosemide ( Apo-FurosemideAva-FurosemideBio-FurosemideDom-FurosemideFurosemide 10 mg/mLFurosemide by OmegaFurosemide by Pro DocFurosemide by SanisFurosemide injectionLasixNu-Furosemidepms-FurosemideTeva-Furosemide )
Furosemide 10 mg/mL (furosemide)
Furosemide by Omega (furosemide)
Furosemide by Pro Doc (furosemide)
Furosemide by Sanis (furosemide)
Furosemide injection (furosemide)
fusidic acid - hydrocortisone ( Fucidin H )
fusidic acid or sodium fusidate topical ( Fucidin CreamFucidin Ointment )
Fuzeon (enfuvirtide)
FXT 40 ( fluoxetine )

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