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Drugs beginning with the letter: B

bacillus Calmette-Guerin ( BCG Vaccine (Freeze-Dried) by Sanofi Pasteur LimitedImmuCystOncoTICE )
Bacimyxin (polymyxin B - bacitracin zinc)
baclofen ( Apo-BaclofenAva-BaclofenBaclofen by Pro DocBaclofen by SanisDom-BaclofenLioresalLioresal IntrathecalMylan-BaclofenNovo-BaclofenNu-Baclophl-Baclofenpms-Baclofenratio-Baclofenratio-BaclofenRiva-Baclofen )
Baclofen by Pro Doc (baclofen)
Baclofen by Sanis (baclofen)
Bactroban (mupirocin)
Balminil DM (dextromethorphan)
Banzel (rufinamide)
Baraclude (entecavir)
basiliximab ( Simulect )
BCG Vaccine (Freeze-Dried) by Sanofi Pasteur Limited (bacillus Calmette-Guerin)
beclomethasone inhaler ( Qvar )
beclomethasone nasal spray ( Apo-Beclomethasone Nasal SprayMylan-Beclo AQNu-Beclomethasone 50 µg Nasal SprayRivanase AQ. )
belladonna - ergotamine - phenobarbital ( Bellergal Spacetabs )
Bellergal Spacetabs (belladonna - ergotamine - phenobarbital)
Benadryl (diphenhydramine (allergy))
Benazepril (benazepril HCl)
benazepril HCl ( BenazeprilLotensin )
bendamustine ( Treanda )
Benoxyl (benzoyl peroxide topical)
Bentylol by Aptalis (dicyclomine)
Benuryl (probenecid)
Benylin (dextromethorphan)
Benzac AC (benzoyl peroxide topical)
Benzac W (benzoyl peroxide topical)
Benzaclin Topical Gel (clindamycin - benzoyl peroxide)
Benzamycin (benzoyl peroxide - erythromycin)
benzoyl peroxide - erythromycin ( Benzamycin )
benzoyl peroxide topical ( Adasept b.p. 5 Acne GelBenoxylBenzac ACBenzac WCetaphil Acne PrinciplesClean & ClearClearasil Daily Clear Acne Treatment Cream BP PlusOxydermPanoxylSolugelSpectro Acnecare )
benztropine ( Apo-BenztropineBenztropine OmegaPMS-Benztropine )
Benztropine Omega (benztropine)
benzydamine oral rinse ( Dom-BenzydamineNovo-BenzydaminePharixiapms-BenzydamineTantumTeva-Benzydamine Solution )
besifloxacin (eye drops) ( Besivance )
Besivance (besifloxacin (eye drops))
Betaderm (betamethasone valerate)
Betagan (levobunolol)
betahistine ( CO BetahistineNovo-BetahistineSercTeva-Betahistine )
Betaloc (metoprolol)
betamethasone - salicylic acid lotion and ointment ( Diprosalicratio-Topisalic Lotion )
betamethasone (enema) ( Betnesol Retention Enema )
betamethasone dipropionate ( Diprolene GlycolDiprosoneratio-Topileneratio-TopisoneRoleneRosoneTaro-Sone )
betamethasone dipropionate - clotrimazole ( Lotriderm )
betamethasone sodium phosphate - gentamicin ( GarasoneSandoz Pentasone )
betamethasone valerate ( BetadermCelestodermPrevex Bratio-EctosoneRivasoneValisone )
betamethasone valerate - gentamicin ( Valisone-G )
betamethasone valerate foam ( Luxiq )
Betaseron (interferon beta-1b)
betaxolol ( Betoptic SSandoz Betaxolol )
bethanechol chloride ( DuvoidPHL-bethanecholPMS-bethanechol )
Betnesol Retention Enema (betamethasone (enema))
Betoptic S (betaxolol)
bevacizumab ( Avastin )
Bexsero (meningococcal vaccine (group B))
bezafibrate ( Bezalip SR )
Bezalip SR (bezafibrate)
Biaxin BID (clarithromycin)
Biaxin Suspension (clarithromycin)
Biaxin XL (clarithromycin)
Bicalutamide (bicalutamide)
bicalutamide ( Apo-BicalutamideAva-BicalutamidBicalutamideBicalutamide by Accord Healthcare IncBicalutamide by Sorres Pharma IncCasodexCO BicalutamideDom-BicalutamideJamp-BicalutamideMylan-Bicalutamidephl-Bicalutamidepms-BicalutamidePro-BicalutamideRan-Bicalutamidratio-BicalutamideSandoz BicalutamideTeva-Bicalutamide )
Bicalutamide by Accord Healthcare Inc (bicalutamide)
Bicalutamide by Sorres Pharma Inc (bicalutamide)
bimatoprost ( Lumigan )
bimatoprost eye solution ( Latisse )
Bio-Amitriptyline (amitriptyline)
Bioderm Ointment (polymyxin B - bacitracin zinc)
Bio-diazepam (diazepam)
Bio-Flurazepam (flurazepam)
Bio-Furosemide (furosemide)
Bio-Hydrochlorothiazide (hydrochlorothiazide)
Bio-Letrozole (letrozole)
Bio-Oxazepam (oxazepam)
Biphentin (methylphenidate controlled release)
bisacodyl ( Apo-BisacodylBisacodyl by JampBisacodyl by Vita Health Products IncBisacodyl-OdanBisacolaxCarters Little PillsCodulaxCorrectol LaxativeDulcolaxMagic Bulletpms-Bisacodylratio-BisacodylSilver BulletSoflax ExWoman's Laxative )
Bisacodyl by Jamp (bisacodyl)
Bisacodyl by Vita Health Products Inc (bisacodyl)
Bisacodyl-Odan (bisacodyl)
Bisacolax (bisacodyl)
Bismuth + Antacid Chewable Tablets (bismuth subsalicylate - calcium carbonate)
Bismuth by Arrow (bismuth subsalicylate)
Bismuth by Jamp Pharma (bismuth subsalicylate)
Bismuth by Perrigo (bismuth subsalicylate)
Bismuth by Pharmetics (bismuth subsalicylate)
Bismuth Subsalicylate (bismuth subsalicylate)
bismuth subsalicylate ( Bismuth by ArrowBismuth by Jamp PharmaBismuth by PerrigoBismuth by PharmeticsBismuth SubsalicylatePepto-BismolStomak-Care Multi Action )
bismuth subsalicylate - calcium carbonate ( Bismuth + Antacid Chewable TabletsChewable Bismuth tablets with Calcium CarbonatePepto-Bismol )
bisoprolol ( Apo-BisoprololBisoprolol by Sorres Pharma Inc.Phl-BisoprololPms-BisoprololPro-BisoprololSandoz BisoprololTeva-Bisoprolol )
Bisoprolol by Sorres Pharma Inc. (bisoprolol)
Blenoxane (bleomycin)
bleomycin ( BlenoxaneBleomycin for Injection by Hospira Healthcare CorporationBleomycin for Injection by Pharmaceutical Partners of Canada Inc )
Bleomycin for Injection by Hospira Healthcare Corporation (bleomycin)
Bleomycin for Injection by Pharmaceutical Partners of Canada Inc (bleomycin)
boceprevir ( Victrelis )
Bonamine (meclizine)
Bonefos (clodronate)
Boostrix (pertussis - diphtheria - tetanus vaccine)
bortezomib ( Velcade )
bosentan ( Tracleer )
Botox (botulinum toxin type A)
Botox Cosmetic (botulinum toxin type A (purified neurotoxin complex))
botulinum toxin type A ( BotoxXeomin )
botulinum toxin type A (free from complexing proteins) ( Xeomin )
botulinum toxin type A (purified neurotoxin complex) ( Botox Cosmetic )
Bravelle (urofollitropin)
Brevicon (norethindrone - ethinyl estradiol)
Bricanyl Turbuhaler (terbutaline sulfate)
Brilinta (ticagrelor)
brimonidine ( AlphaganApo-Brimonidinepms-Brimonidineratio-BrimonidineSandoz Brimonidine )
brimonidine - timolol ( Combigan )
brinzolamide ( Azopt )
brinzolamide - timolol maleate ( Azarga )
Bromazepam (bromazepam)
bromazepam ( Apo-BromazepamBromazepamLectopamMylan-BromazepamNu-BromazepamTeva-Bromazepam )
bromocriptine ( Apo-BromocriptineBromocriptine by PharmelDom-BromocriptinePMS-Bromocriptine )
Bromocriptine by Pharmel (bromocriptine)
brompheniramine maleate - phenylephrine HCl - guaifenesin - codeine phosphate ( Dimetane Expectorant-C )
brompheniramine maleate - phenylephrine HCl - guaifenesin - hydrocodone bitartrate ( Dimetane Expectorant-DC )
Bronchophan Forte DM (dextromethorphan)
Buckley's DM (dextromethorphan)
budesonide - formoterol turbuhaler ( Symbicort Turbuhaler )
budesonide (capsules) ( Entocort Capsules )
budesonide (for nebulization) ( Pulmicort Nebuamp )
budesonide nasal spray ( Mylan-Budesonide AQ.Rhinocort Aqua )
budesonide nasal turbuhaler ( Rhinocort Turbuhaler )
budesonide turbuhaler ( Pulmicort Turbuhaler )
Bufferin (acetylsalicylic acid (ASA))
Buminate (albumin (human))
buprenorphine - naloxone ( Suboxone )
buprenorphine (patch) ( BuTrans )
bupropion (depression) ( Ava-Bupropion SRBupropion SRBupropion SR by SanisNovo-Bupropion SRpms-Bupropion SRratio-Bupropion SRSandoz Bupropion SRWellbutrin SR )
bupropion (smoking cessation) ( Zyban )
bupropion extended release ( Mylan-Bupropion XLWellbutrin XL )
Bupropion SR (bupropion (depression))
Bupropion SR by Sanis (bupropion (depression))
Buscopan (hyoscine)
buserelin acetate ( SuprefactSuprefact Depot )
buspirone HCl ( Apo-BuspironeBuspirone-10DOM-BuspironeNu-BuspironePMS-BuspironeRiva-BuspironeTeva-Buspirone )
Buspirone-10 (buspirone HCl)
busulfan ( BusulfexMyleran )
Busulfex (busulfan)
butoconazole ( Gynazole-1 )
butorphanol ( Apo-ButorphanolPMS-Butorphanol )
BuTrans (buprenorphine (patch))
Byetta (exenatide)
Bystolic ( nebivolol )

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