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Here you will find a number of detailed articles on baby care and maternal health that are chock-full of valuable advice. You’ll also discover some of the pharmacy services offered to make the lives of new parents just a bit easier: newborn weighing service, breast pump rental, pregnancy testing and more!

Plus, learn all about our contests and promotional offers. They’re bound to be a big hit with mom, dad and the kids!

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Pregnancy and the first few months of baby’s life can give rise to countless questions and concerns. The health professionals at Uniprix are there to give you answers, provide useful advice and help you make the right choices.

Growth curve

“Is my child growing well?” is a question you may ask yourself between doctor’s visits. Don’t fret! You can measure your child and simply consult the WHO growth charts right on our Website!

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Make sure your baby will gain the necessary weight over the course of his or her first few weeks of life. Visit your Uniprix pharmacy to have your child weighed.

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Know that you can get a breast pump (either for purchase or rental) at your Uniprix-affiliated pharmacy, and take advantage of the sage advice of its health professionals.

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