Loss of mobility: Solutions are at hand!

Loss of mobility: Solutions are at hand!

Many health problems – from simple strains to serious osteoarthritis of the knee – can limit your mobility or even cause you to lose it altogether. Fortunately, today, there are solutions to facilitate your day-to-day life! 

Loss of mobility: Products adapted to your everyday needs

People experiencing a loss of mobility – whatever the cause – generally feel that their autonomy is compromised compared to others. That is why specialized companies design and manufacture products that allow them to regain some of their independence in all areas of their lives.

Examples of adapted products

• Stairlifts
• Bed supports
• Special tableware
• Stocking and shoe aids
• Motorized adjustable beds
• Cushions and pillows
• Manual and motorized wheelchairs
• Walking frames
• Folding walkers
• Canes
• Crutches
• Bathtub transfer benches
• Bathtub benches
• Bathboards
• Bath maths
• Grab rails
• Commode chairs
• Raised toilet seats

Good to know!

Before choosing a product, make sure it is well suited to your needs and body type. In case of doubt, remember to always consult a health professional.

Pharmacy services

Certain Uniprix-affiliated pharmacies provide orthopedic services, in addition to offering medical instruments and articles, such as stethoscopes, abdominal bands, etc. The health professionals working in these departments are trained to deliver expert advice on a wide range of specialized products and devices.  

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